MemoFish – final pressconference


To host the final press conference of the ‘MemoFish Project. Memory and the future. Stories about the Danube Civilization’, the Project team selected December 6, dedicated to Saint Nicholas, the patron of fisherman, sailors, merchants and bankers and a very respected holiday along the Danube. 

In addition to journalists, lots of other supporters took part in the event, including representatives of all the institutions that became part of the activities. They were all involved in the discussions on Bulgarian-Romanian sustainable management of the cross-border cultural and historical heritage.

The project partners demonstrated the rich database, produced by the anthropological field study of the heritage of fisheries communities on both sides of the Danube. The team also presented 15 promotional tourist routes, organized and tested in different variants – for young people, families and large groups and published on At the end of the press conference, Dr. Diana Bebenova-Nikolova showed the first paper publication of project ideas from the public. They concern the joint management of the cultural and historical heritage, generated by 170 cross-border participants in a number of discussions. 

The final press conference gave an emotional end to the main activities of the project, demonstrating that economic profit can be combined with the protection of the environment through the development of cross-border tourism products based on the Danube fisheries heritage.