New Way – Educated, Motivated, Employed!

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    Erasmus+ key action 2 – cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices

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    1. National Association of Youth Coordinators (Lithuania);
    2. Centrum Inicjatyw UNESCO (Poland);
    3. Municipio de Estarreja (Portugal);
    4. Paralel – Silistra (Bulgaria);
    5. Rubeum (Spain).


‘New Way – Educated, Motivated, Employed!’ is a long-term project of 24 months, which is designed as a Strategic Partnerships for youth, aimed to develop initiatives addressing different youth with less opportunities employment, trainings, practice opportunities across the partner countries through developing, testing and introducing common innovative youth employability and entrepreneurship competencies based (called “New way”) model directly involving target group representatives (unemployed and non-studying youth) into project activities.

Aim of the project is to exchange the best practices and innovations about youth employment (trainings, internships, practice, volunteering and other) used in different countries in order to develop common model, to adapt it in project partners countries and to introduce it to more wide society. We believe that it is not only government who is responsible for coping with youth unemployment problem but non-governmental as well as private sectors play relevant role. Youth unemployment can only be reduced by uniting efforts of three different sectors – (public) governmental institutions, (private) business enterprises and non-profit, non-governmental institutions, NGOs.
Therefore project foresees to set activities including analysis of youth employment policy, study visits, international trainings, round table meetings with representatives of public government, nongovernmental and private sector, recommendations on improving conditions for youth employment, gathering the best practise of NGOs supporting youth entrepreneurship, success stories of public-private partnership on youth employment, promoting volunteering and work practice, introducing importance of non-formal education, project outcomes and results dissemination conference and other activities.
Target group – youngsters (not registered, or instantly registered as non studying and unemployed youth, age 16-30).

specific objective 1 – to increase the integration of young people into the labor market and/or education system through cooperation with local authorities, non-governmental organizations, education and business entities improving qualitative development of youth employment policy in local, national and international levels.
specific objective 2.- Develop youth employability and learning directed competencies based long-term strategy by improving the capacities and skills of young mentors, partners organizations key-competencies, creating network.

O1 activity – Research and recommendations for local authorities
O2 activity – methodology development and testing
Project management and result dissemination activities.

Major results:
– Recommendations to local and regional public authorities for improving youth employment policy
– Compiled unified methodology “new way!” for development of soft skills for employability, promoting entrepreneurship, strengthening competencies for organizing and having qualitative work practice and volunteering.
– Prepared mentors who will work on development of soft skills for employability, promoting entrepreneurship, strengthening competencies for organizing and having qualitative work practice and volunteering
– Prepared working model based on non-formal education methodology to be presented and involved in youth policy

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