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    Information campaigns

    Organizing Information campaigns

In the period 2017- 2019 we organized an information campaign for the recruitment of users on the web site and on the learning platform and both developed under the project “Entrepreneurship for Youth Labor Mobility”, financed by the program INTERREG 2014-2020 Romania – Bulgaria. As a result, we have more than 200 unique clients who use the e-courses to develop their business ideas.

Between 2013-2015 the NGO contracted the National Rural Network to administer the dissemination of information on EU policies regarding the program Rural Development and the European rural network in Silistra Region. Under the contract, we organized information meetings and campaigns in the municipalities of Silistra District.

In 2011 we participated in the information campaign in Silistra, organized as a sub-activity of the project “Eco Force: Joint actions for environmental responsibility of companies in the Bulgarian-Romanian border region” (Ref. No. 1000 1-2.1-4 MIS ETC) CBC Romania-Bulgaria – 2011. Our main task was to promote new services enhancing the environmental responsibility of companies and organizations along the Danube. We involved local companies and organizations to take part in the planned events.

In 2010 NGO «Parallel – Silistra» together with the European Information Centre in Veliko Tarnovo participated in the international campaign “All equal, all different” launched by the Council of Europe. We organized outreach activities for children from Silistra to promote intercultural cooperation and democratic values.