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Our NGO is a partner in the newly launched Erasmus+ project

‘EME: New Way – Educated, Motivated, Employed!’

‘New Way – Educated, Motivated, Employed!’ is a long-term project of 24 months under Erasmus+ key action 2 – cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices, which is designed as a Strategic Partnerships for youth. The project aims at developing initiatives addressing different youth with less opportunities employment. It plans to implement trainings and practice opportunities across the partner countries. The project partners will develop and test a competencies-based training model, which uses best practices and innovations about youth employment in our countries.
For this, we have established a partnership of 5 organizations:
1. National Association of Youth Coordinators (Lithuania);
2. Centrum Inicjatyw UNESCO (Poland);
3. Municipio de Estarreja (Portugal);
4. Paralel – Silistra (Bulgaria);
5. Rubeum (Spain).
Would you like to get involved? Stay with us for the next news.