NGO ‘ Paralel-Silistra’ is looking for 3 participants

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NGO ‘ Paralel-Silistra’ is looking for 3 participants to participate in the following training:
Social Business for Inclusion

KA1 Training Course
29th June – 9th July 2017 (including 2 days of travel)
Toruń, Poland
About the training
The participants will learn and discuss issues related to Social Economy and possibilities of using its mechanisms for meeting social objectives, including supporting excluded and disadvantaged groups.
Currently, Social Economy is almost absent in non-formal education of young people. It is very important to change this situation, as non-formal education in this field will show young people ways how disadvantaged groups can actively engage in and contribute to the development of the local community. Furthermore, it will also contribute to spread of attitudes of tolerance and respect for human rights among young people (also towards people from other communities and cultures ).
In order to share this knowledge with young people through non-formal education, it is necessary to train youth workers and youth leaders, who work with them in their local communities.

Profile of the participants
The training will be attended by 27 youth workers from 9 countries (3 persons per country): Poland, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Macedonia, Romania, Slovenia, Spain).
Participants will be youth trainers, youth workers and youth leaders, who are are actively involved in their local youth organizations in their country.

– minimum 18 years old;
– experienced in the use of non-formal education methods and tools in the field of youth work;
– willingness to share and use acquired knowledge with his/her educational activities in the field of youth;
– interest in the subject of social economy and the possibilities it can bring about the integration of disadvantaged groups;
– willing to conduct 2 activities in their local communities foreseen as a dissemination activities of the project.

The group of each country will be obligated to conduct two dissemination events within 2 months at the end of the training:
a/ Event in the sending organization (meeting or workshop) where they will share gained knowledge and experience with other workers / volunteers.
b/ Educational activity for youth, during which they will use new knowledge and tools regarding promotion of Social Economy.

The language of the training course will be English. Therefore, participants should be proficient in English.

Participants will be actively involved in the training. The group from each country will be given tasks to prepare for the training:
– the “table” of their country for international evening;
– how Social Economy looks in their country;
– tools and methods they / their organizations use for either promoting Social Economy or social inclusion among youth.

The training course will be held in Toruń, Poland.

Expenses for international travel, accommodation as well as for daily meals will be covered by the Erasmus program. Other expenses such as travelling in the country of origin, any kind of insurance will be participants’ responsibilities.