On April 26, 2014 for the third time children from different ethnic groups participated in an interactive training on the topic of children’s rights. The event was dedicated to the right to a full life for mental and spiritual development. In relation to the campaign “Clean Bulgaria in one day”, the majority of activities was held outdoors in the Danube Park and included educational games promoting conservation.

The interactive training is a part of the “Different children with equal rights ” project, which started in September 2013 and is implemented by “Parallel Silistra” NGO. The planned activities received funding of € 17,000 from the Programme Supporting Bulgarian NGOs under the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area.

The project supports the idea that teaching children’s rights as part of civic education should be carried out in multi-ethnic classes rather than in mono-ethnic ones. Only in a multiethnic group, children can actually participate in the process of multicultural communication and develop tolerance and respect for their own rights and those of others.