New Ideas for Managing Cross-Border Cultural Heritage


On 18.10.2019 an Academic discussion session took place, entitled “Culture Matters! – Cross-border cooperation for the management of cultural and historical heritage. ” It attracted 47 participants from more than 10 institutions, representatives of local authorities and non-governmental organizations. It was conducted under the project “MEMOFISH. Memory and future. Stories about the Danube Civilization”. The event promoted the valorisation of the Danube natural and historical heritage. This is how it could be preserved for generations and  serve to create new jobs and social development.

What was presented?

The findings of a field audiovisual survey of fisheries communities along the Danube River between Romania and Bulgaria were presented.  The rich narrative and research material proves the high value of the tangible and intangible cultural and historical heritage. The same information could also serve to attract tourist interest.

The participants in the discussion appreciated the innovative work of the ‘Partenii Pavlovich’ Regional Library in Silistra. The team of this institution consistently builds a “digital” image of the monuments in Silistra by digitally encoding the sites and posting historically accurate information in the “Memory Portal”.

The participants commented on the digital advertising films  “Fishing – an opportunity for cross-border tourism and sustainable use of natural heritage and resources”, funded by the INTERREG Romania – Bulgaria project of the “Tourist Fishing Club” NGO, Silistra.


At the end of the discussion, project ideas were proposed to make greater use of digitalisation to represent cultural and historical heritage sites in the cross-border region.  They could enable different interest groups: fishermen, cyclists, students and tourist groups for accessible to plan excursions to the Danube region. The Romanian colleagues also  supported these proposals enthusiastically and guaranteed their partnership. The participants agreed that it was  necessary to work more closely with travel agencies, restaurateurs and hoteliers to disseminate information  through various channels.

Therefore, the event  fulfilled its mission and demonstrated how cross-border cooperation can be used in practice for the valorisation of the Danube natural and historical heritage .

The Academic discussion is implemented in partnership between the Silistra Branch of the University of Ruse and the Parallel-Silistra Association. It is part of the project MEMOFISH. Memory and future. Stories about the Danube Civilization ”with the financial support of the Interreg V-A Romania – Bulgaria program.