EME project: A New Way – Educated, Motivated, Working!


In early May we launched a series of information days to present the results of the EME project: A New Way – Educated, Motivated, Working! “Erasmus Funding + Key Action 2 – Innovation and Exchange of Good Practices.

It is implemented in five countries from five partner organizations:

  1. National Association of Youth Coordinators (Lithuania); 2. UNESCO Center for Initiatives (Poland); 3. Valongo Municipality (Portugal); 4. “Parallel – Silistra” NGO (Bulgaria); 5. RUBEUM NGO (Spain).

At this stage, we have already finished the discussion of national best practices and innovation for young people (trainings, internships, practices, volunteering, etc.). We developed a model for youth work that is being tested during a youth exchange in Toledo, Spain. After the training, the participants presented their opinion, assessment and recommendations to help adapt the training content and come up with a common model to support young people’s employment. You can download the description and feature of the proposed EME model here.

During the first informational day on 15.05.2019 we presented our conclusions and achievements on:

– Recommendations to local and regional authorities on youth employment policy

– Developed and tested a uniform methodology “a New way!” to develop skills for employability, to promote entrepreneurship, to strengthen skills for organizing and conducting quality work practices and volunteering.

– Prepared mentors who will work to develop the necessary competencies of young people;

– A working model based on the non-formal education methodology, which will be presented and included in youth policy at local level.

The project was launched in June 2017 and will end up in June 2019. Inspired by the achieved results, the experts of the Parallel-Silistra NGO are developing a new project for improving young people’s entrepreneurship skills.